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Colorado Office Share Available For Out Of State Collection Agencies

Colorado Collection Office Licensing - Overview

Stokes & Wolf, P.C. would like to serve as your Colorado office to enable you to comply with Colorado collection agency licensing in accordance with the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our law office currently serves as the Colorado office for over 50 out of state collection agencies thus ensuring complete compliance with the Colorado collection agency licensing requirements. As discussed below, we would likely be providing an upgrade over your current Colorado collection office sharing or virtual office arrangement.   

In 2010, House Bill 10-1222 continued the collection agency licensing requirement of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that your collection agency must maintain a Colorado collection office if you are going to do business here. The bill also requires that you include your in-state collection office address and phone number in your written communications to Colorado debtors and also requires that your in-state collection office accept debtor payments made at that office. Rule 1.09(1)(c) and Rule 2.01(2) of the Rules of the Administrator, Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act implement these new collection agency licensing requirements.  

As a result of these changes, more consumer debtors are calling the in-state collection office and coming in with payments or to discuss the account. This creates risk for the in-state collection office personnel of violating the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


It is critical that in-state collection office personnel be fully knowledgeable about and able to comply with these Acts since both your collection agency and the in-state collection office provider could be sued for in-state collection agency office violations. This collection agency liability for violations of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is stated in Rule 1.09(2).  

About Our Law Firm & Staff  (Colorado Collection Office Licensing)

Our law firm’s practice has for many years been limited to commercial and consumer debt collection so our staff is fully knowledgeable about both the Federal and Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts. We have served as a local Colorado collection office to out-of-state collection agencies since 1994 without one complaint about a violation of the Acts. We have a personable staff for dealing with your debtors both on the phone and in person and who debtors find most helpful. Our Agreement For Colorado Office Sharing For Out Of State Collection Agency provides that we will hold you harmless for any of our office’s violations of either the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  

Dealing With Your Debtors  (Colorado Collection Office Licensing)

To deal with your debtors who choose to call the Colorado collection office, our phone system routes that call to a voicemail answering with the name of your company. This is possible because when you use our office, we will assign you a Colorado office phone number unique to your collection agency. The voicemail directs the debtor to press 1 to speak to the next available agent, which will then route the call directly to your office without us having to speak to your debtor. The second voice mail option directs any debtors wishing to make an appointment in your Denver, Colorado collection office to press 2, which will ring another line in our office which we will answer to set up an appointment for the debtors to come in to make a payment or to discuss the account in person. If they want to discuss the account, we will of course conference in your collector, who will handle the discussion.  If they make a payment, we e-mail you immediately to advise you of the payment so that you can post the payment by the next business day as required by Rule 2.12. This sophisticated phone system results in your debtors reaching your home office instantly the same as if they had called your office directly but still enables the few debtors wishing to meet in person at this office to do so.    

Your Local Colorado Office  (Colorado Collection Office Licensing)

Our office also complies with the collection agency requirements Rule 1.09(a) requiring that we post signs or directories displaying all collection agencies for whom our office provides a local Colorado collection office. We provide such a directory at our office suite and on the lobby building directory. In talking to other collection office providers, we find that they have not been complying with this requirement. This failure could expose you to liability.   

Fees For Your Local Colorado Office  (Colorado Collection Office Licensing)

We would like to provide you with your Colorado collection office starting upon the termination of any current contract you have for an in-state collection office. Our fee is $1200.00 per year payable January 1st. We will prorate the charge for a partial year. For no additional charge, Stokes & Wolf, P.C. will serve as the registered agent for service for your business in Colorado. 

Please call our office with any questions.  We will provide you with a copy of our standard contract if you call us or use our email form specific for this purpose.   


Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act And Rules Of The Administrator



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All collections are covered with a $500,000.00 lawyers liability policy.


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